Tulsi Gabbard

LTC, US Army Reserve, 4-term Congresswoman, 2020 Presidential Candidate
Saturday AM Keynote

Glenn Jacobs

Mayor of Knox County, TN
Saturday Keynote

Bryan Caplan

George Mason University
Friday Keynote

Jack Hunter

Based Politics

Titus Gebel

Free Cities Foundation

Malcolm & Simone Collins

Pronatalist Foundation/Collins Institute

Laurie Ortolano

Right-to-Know Plaintiff

Gregory V. Sullivan, Esq.

New England First Amendment Coalition

William Fischel

Jason Sorens

American Institute for Economic Research
Upzone NH: Ideas and Legislation

Andrew Cline

Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Charles Gardner

Upzone NH

Mark Warden

Porcupine Real Estate

Brittany Ping

Ledgeview Commercial Partners

Jim Forsythe

Citizens for Sound Money

Ryan Terrell

Vice Chairman of the NHGOP

Kate Baker Demers

Children's Scholarship Fund NH
Live Free and Learn

Sharon Osborne

Latitude Learning Resources
Innovative Education Options

Stacey Hammerlind, RN, M.Ed.

Guide, Micah Studios
Innovative Education Options

Ryan Holmes

Kaipod Learning

Nate Fellman

Harkness House

Michael O'Connell

Watchdog Capital

Sean Themea

Young Americans for Liberty

Mark Hilton

Alpine Gold, LLC

Melissa Creem

NH Liberty Alliance

Keith Ammon

NH State Representative

Sarah Scott

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

David Boyer

Maine State Representative

Erica Layon

NH State Representative

Joan Van De Griek

Fetch Your Wealth

Carla Gericke

President Emeritus, Free State Project

Mari Fontaine

We Heart West

Eric Brakey

Maine State Senator; Executive Director, Free State Project

Matt Sabourin dit Choinière

Chairman, New Hampshire Independence PAC

Derek Proulx

Defend the Guard

Stephen Villee

Club 75 Alliance

Stephen Nass

Free State Food Network

Dominic DeMaria

Porcupine Real Estate

Travis Corcoran

NH State Legislator

Josh Yokela

State Representative
Upzone NH

Carolann McVeigh Fenton

Constance Spencer

Independence Realty Group

Aaron Day

Brownstone Fellow

Jason Gerhard

NH State Representative

Joël Valenzuela


Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

Nolan Pelletier

Marian L. Ward

Producter, NH Liberty Forum '24

Kumar Bukkapatnam

Standard Management

Tammy Simmons Garthwaite

Marco Capaldi

5 Day Tiny

Chris Pacia

Jack Garber

Independence Realty Group

Daniel Diaz

Citizens for Sound Money

Ben Woosley



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